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My daughter asked me a few years ago if she's the co-founder of our cookie company and I said "Of Course. Why not!"   I said it in a way, as if she had asked me if she could have a 2nd cookie for dessert.

I've been showing up to work, parties and holidays for years only to see that my cookie basket is empty within the first 10 minutes of the dessert course and the buzz around the room is "who made those cookies, they're unbelievable!"

MB's COOKIES are delicious...seriously.  Everyone loves them...Having restraint after the first one is close to impossible...Oh my God, do I sound boastful?  Nah..I'm just telling you the plain honest truth.

For all those who have tried them (or rather inhaled them!), your happiness and satisfaction propelled me into this venture. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

~ Mary Beth Walsh-Schmiege